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What is mold? Is mold harmful?

What is mold? Is mold harmful?
September 16, 2011 mrjacksonjim

What is mold? This green stuff on the north end of my property is harmless right? It’s just like grass correct? Not by a long shot, mold can have a serious impact on you and your family’s health. Mold forms in groups which are known as mycelium and reproduce through spores. These spores often become airborne which is when the problem arises. The spores from the mold reach us and can cause allergic diseases.

The diseases are often for people with weak immune systems such and children, elderly, sick people, and those who simply have weak immune systems. Mold can cause fungal infections of various types and fungi are also known for producing toxins that have been found in various diseases. Mold can also get inside of the lungs and cause a respiratory mold infection. There can be serious affects on your family’s health so think twice before you leave them exposed to these conditions.

How can you prevent mold? Pressure wash your building twice a year. Here at Jackson’s Heated Pressure Washing we apply a special detergent that kills mold and stops its growth. Of course the mold will eventually start to develop again but that’s why we clean twice a year. It’s important for you to regulate your outdoor mold because it can get inside your house and turn into indoor mold. Questions? Comment below!

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