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Dirty Roof Streaks Explained

Dirty Roof Streaks Explained
April 6, 2015 mrjacksonjim

Dirty Roof Algae Streaks Explained

Dirty Roof Streak Cleaning

So you noticed your roof has black streaks on it ? We  want to share with you what those streaks actually are and what they do to your expensive roof. This knowledge can truly save you tens of thousands of dollars in the future because most people simply don’t know.

What The “Streaks” Are

Those “streaks” are actually an airborne algae that normally lands on the north facing side of the roof. From there it can spread to other areas of the roof and even spread to your neighbors roof. Remember, it travels through the air and once it lands on your roof it will never leave unless it is properly treated.

This Algae Eats Your Roof

This algae feeds on the limestone in shingle roofs which damages your roof over time. The more “streaks” or “discoloration” you see, the more the the algae is spreading and eating your shingles which is causing more damage.

Can It Be Removed?

Yes! Luckily the algae can be removed, but there is a proper way of doing it to avoid further damage to your roof or void the warranty on it. A low pressure application of chemical must be applied to properly remove the algae without damaging your roof. You can NOT clean a shingle roof with high pressure. In the midwest 50% of replaced roofs are replaced because of how they look and not because of non-functioning. We wanted to get this message to you before you make a decision to replace your roof. We can remove those streaks In Southeast Missouri and West Tennessee such as Dyersburg, Sikeston, Kennett, Cape Girardeau, Newbern, and even some areas in Arkansas such as Blytheville. Cleaning your roof could save you tens of thousands of dollars versus replacing your whole roof. 

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We clean Roofs in Southeast Missouri, West Tennessee, and some areas of Arkansas.

Some of these areas include Cape Girardeau, Sikeston, Dyersburg, Charleston, Benton, Minor, East Prairie, Scott City, Clarkton, Newbern, New Madrid, Bernie, Malden, Portageville, Blytheville, Steele, Holcomb, Kennett, Caruthersville, Senath, Hayti, Steele, Cooter, Piggot, and more.

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