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House pressure washing vs scrubbing

House pressure washing vs scrubbing
June 24, 2014 mrjacksonjim

House pressure washing vs. scrubbing

I had a potential customer call me a few weeks ago about getting his house pressure washed. He saw our before and after pictures and wanted to know our process of pressure washing. He couldn’t understand how we got the houses so clean. When I told him our pressure washing process he seemed shocked. He thought we scrubbed them to get them so clean.

He went on to say that pressure washing was ineffective for him because the house would get dirty within a year. He wanted a scrubbing process because “scrubbing the house would keep it clean for three years”.

I told him this wasn’t true but he didn’t want to hear me really. He already had his mind made up that scrubbing was the way to go.

His thinking wasn’t logical and here’s three reasons why:

  1. You can’t control mother nature- I could scrub a house for ten days straight and the next day it may blow mud on the side of my house, birds may poop, cobwebs, air pollutants may land on your home. You get the picture? Can’t control those things.
  2. Scrubbing in most cases isn’t needed- With the right detergents I’ve found that scrubbing in most cases just isn’t needed. I have never scrubbed a home and the results are great.
  3. I saw a guy scrubbing a house recently and while he did a great job. I believe I could have done a much better job and in less time. It took him 5-6 hours. I would have been done in 2 or less and it would have been cleaner.

I’m not against scrubbing a house by any means. If I had to I definitely would but for me in most cases it is not needed.  There were two people on this job and it took them 6 hours. I would hate to see you spending 10 hours of your precious weekend scrubbing your home.

If you feel that house scrubbing is superior that’s fine but I challenge you:

Share your pictures of your before and after house scrubbing and prove to me it’s better. Here are some of mine.

pressure washing vsiding blue


brick house mold pressure washing

2-3 story pressure washing

pressure washing white vinyl siding

We pressure wash in Southeast Missouri and the surrounding areas such as

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House pressure washing vs scrubbing

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